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These three parts create the vapour that is exhaled to mimic the smoke you would see if you were to smoke traditional cigarettes.

All liquid ranges have different PG/VG levels, allowing vapers to tailor their liquids to suit their vaping needs, but what is PG and VG?

Propylene Glycol (PG) helps to produce what we refer to as the 'throat hit' in combination with nicotine and flavours.

Vegetable Glycerine (VG) enhances vapour production, and adds a little sweetness and smoothness to the e-liquid.


E-liquid is the liquid that fuels an electronic cigarette, consisting of three parts: the nicotine solution, the flavour and the diluent - all detailed below:



Nicotine is one of the stimulatants and addictive substances found in cigarettes. Remember though, nicotine is not the dangerous component of cigarettes and is safe to vape when used at the current strength. The strength of the e-liquid is

based on how much of the fluid contains nicotine, measured as a proportion.


Nicotine has no noticeable taste, therefore,

to produce the taste in e-liquid a flavour

needs to be added. There are an infinite number of flavours that can be used, we believe we stock not only some of the

finest tasting and highest quality e-liquid

flavourings, but also one of the widest and most exciting ranges available!


What does diluent do? Firstly, it dilutes the mixture of nicotine and flavours to the

desired strength and secondly, it provides

the constituent that produces the vapour.

The vapour is inhaled and transports both

the flavour and nicotine from the e-cig to

the user, all diluents used are high

quality food grade.

If you’re new to vaping or simply require a reminder of how the electronic cigarettes and e-liquids work then you’ve come to the right place! Here you will find the information you need to make the switch simple and easy.

So… What is vaping? Vaping is the act of using a device to vaporize nicotine fluid (known as e-liquid), therefore delivering the nicotine your body is craving; disguised in a flavour of your choice. There are many different devices and e-liquids allowing you to achieve this, so you can tailor vaping to your own needs.

There are five main things you need to start out; a device, a way to charge your device, a tank to hold your atomizer and e-liquid, an atomizer and the e-liquid itself. Most standard devices feature a button operation that delivers power through the battery to the atomizer (within the tank), vaporizing the e-liquid which allows you to inhale the vapour, delivering the nicotine along with a flavour of your choice.




Electronic Cigarettes (or e-cigs as they are referred to) are made from 4 main components; a battery, an atomizer base, a tank and an atomizer. There are many variants, some that attempt to look like conventional tobacco cigarettes and others that look nothing like conventional cigarettes, but they all work along the same principles with the same primary component parts.

Electronic cigarettes are split into varying parts:

Rechargeable battery - These come in many sizes and capacities, can be rechargeable or disposable, manual operation or automatic

Atomizer base - The atomizer base connects the tank to the battery; this also acts as a seal for the atomizer to the tank

Atomizer tank and mouthpiece - Tanks come in a variety of shapes and sizes but are simply just containers for your e-liquid

Atomizer - This is the functional part of the e-cig, working as a heating element that vapourizes the e-liquid that passes through it


VW/VW – Variable Voltage / Variable Wattage

These devices allow you to alter your voltage/wattage to suit you – increasing or decreasing the ‘hit’ you get from each drag on the e-cig. Controlling the power allows you to enhance the whole vaping experience to suit you.

VT – Variable Temperature

VT vaping adds another level of control by setting a desired temperature on your device; your atomizer will stay close to this temperature making your whole 'vape' the best part. With non-VT vaping the coil temperature increases relatively slowly as you press the button and draw on the device. Essentially, on a non-VT e-cig the middle of the ‘vape’ is the best part of your experience whereas on a VT e-cig the whole ‘vape’ remains at a high quality.

Cloud Chasing

In the vaping world everyone has a different preference regarding what they want to get out of their experience. For some people its throat hit and a strong feeling of having had a cigarette, for others its huge amounts of wonderful flavour and then there are cloud chasers. Cloud chasers want thick clouds of vapour, achieved by using tailored e-cig kits, tanks, atomizers and e-liquids.