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DAILY DELIVERIES TO Aylesbury, Banbury, Bedford, Berkhamstead, Bicester, Biggleswade, Brackley, Buckingham, Cambridge, Corby, Coventry, Daventry, Dunstable, Great Missenden, Hemel Hempstead, Hertford, Hitchin, Kenilworth, Kettering, Leighton Buzzard, Letchworth, Luton, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Olney, Royal Leamington Spa, Royston, Saffron Waldon, Southam, St Albans, St Neots, Southam, Stevenage, Wellingborough, Welwyn Garden City, Winslow. DAILY CARRIER DELIVERIES TO Berkshire, Cambridgeshire, Cheshire, Cornwall, Derbyshire, Devon, Dorset, Durham, Essex, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Herefordshire, Huntingdon, Kent, Lancashire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Middlesex, Norfolk, Nottinghamshire, Northumberland, Oxfordshire, Rutland,

Shropshire, Somerset, Staffordshire, Suffolk, Surrey, Sussex, Warwickshire, Wiltshire, Worcestershire, Yorkshire.

Classic Roast

Consisting of 100% Arabica, UTZ Certified Coffee Beans; Classic Roast is a balanced,

well-rounded blend with softly sweet flavours tempered with a lightly bittersweet aftertaste. Comfortably enjoyable in a wide range of drink preparations, this classic-tasting blend is a crowd-pleaser which works well both with and without milk.

Available in 2L

100% Arabica

Intense Roast

Intense Roast is a strong

full-bodied coffee made from 100% UTZ Certified Arabica Coffee Beans. This blend has a wonderfully rich aroma and features flavours of chocolate and dark fudge. Perfectly tailored for lovers of espresso based drinks, it is delicious as a Black Coffee but also makes a great Cappuccino or Latte.

Medium Roast

A pure and balanced,

medium-intensity coffee with exciting soft roasty notes in the background makes this coffee enjoyable in a wide range of drink preparations. Ideal for those who like to enjoy a well-rounded coffee, this blend works well in drinks both with and without milk.

Available in 1.25L & 2L

Strong Roast

A strong, full-bodied coffee with a smoky, bittersweet character. This bold, intensely flavoured espresso-type blend is ideal for speciality coffee drinks either with or without milk.

Available in 2L

Decaf Roast

This 100% Arabica blend delivers all the flavour but without the caffeine, for a premium decaffeinated experience. High quality Arabica beans are washed and carefully decaffeinated before roasting to produce a delicately balanced coffee with a subtle acidity and light malty character.

Available in 1.25L

100% Arabica

Cacao Fantasy

Drinking Chocolate

This creamy, full flavoured hot chocolate drink delivers an indulgent hot chocolate experience thanks to its rich, long lasting sweet taste. It can also be combined with any of our coffee blends for a delicious mocha.

Available in 2L

Douwe Egberts Cafitesse Liquid Roast Chocolate - Cacao Fantasy Drinking Chocolate 2L Douwe Egberts Cafitesse Liquid Roast Coffee - Classic Roast 2L Douwe Egberts Cafitesse Liquid Roast Coffee - Medium Roast 1.25L Douwe Egberts Cafitesse Liquid Roast Coffee - Strong Roast 2L Douwe Egberts Cafitesse Liquid Roast Tea - Pickwick English Breakfast Tea 2L Douwe Egberts Cafitesse Liquid Roast Decaffeinated Coffee - Decaf Roast 1.25L

Café Milc

Uniquely developed to create smooth, delicious Cappuccinos and other milk based coffee drinks. Café Milc is 100%

semi-skimmed and delivers all the natural flavours and benefits of fresh milk.

Packaged in a unique, hygienically packed bag in box system.

Available in 0.75L & 2 L

A perfect blend of smooth,

soft and vibrant African Ceylon tea. This combination creates a flavourful cup of tea with a beautiful bright colour and alluring aroma.

Available in 2L


English Breakfast Tea

Great Variety

The wide choice of carefully crafted blends that Cafitesse offers is a match for everyone’s personal taste as well as their professional needs. From 100% Arabica and UTZ Certified sustainable coffee, to options for decaf, tea and hot chocolate.


Our journey from bean to cup includes our investment in sustainable farming practices. Put simply, sustainable coffee is coffee grown in a manner that is kind to the environment and its people.

With Cafitesse Liquid Roast Coffee we offer sustainable options supported by UTZ Certified.

UTZ - which stands for “good” in a Mayan language from Guatemala, is at the forefront of sustainable farming and providing better opportunities for farmers, their families and the environment.

UTZ aims to create a world where sustainable farming is the norm; where farmers implement good agricultural practices and manage their farms profitably with respect for people and planet.

UTZ Certified

UTZ is the largest certification program

in the world

for sustainable coffee

More than 445,000 coffee farmers and workers benefit from the UTZ program

UTZ Certified coffee is produced in 23 countries

Since 2002, 176 billion cups

of coffee have

been enjoyed

in 88


Douwe Egberts

Cafitesse Liquid Roast


UTZ Certified UTZ Certified

Available in 1.25L & 2L

What is Cafitesse? What is Cafitesse?

What is Cafitesse?

Douwe Egberts Cafitesse Liquid Roast Coffee - Medium Roast 2L

To find out more about UTZ, visit our UTZ Certified Coffee page here